On the third Monday of each month, January through October, LRAA members, guests and the general public gather in the Gallery for an evening of camaraderie, learning and fun.

Engaging Art Talks at Lakes Region Art Association

Member and Guest Speakers from across New England have been sharing their expertise and passion during our monthly Art Talks. These gatherings offer a wide range of experiences, from hands-on training to detailed demonstrations across various art genres. In recent months, we have been fortunate to host talented painters, artists, quilters, fabric artists, copper arts, and photographers. Art Talk presentations typically commence around 7 pm, immediately following the conclusion of our LRAA business meeting, offering an open invitation to the public. Join us and be inspired by the diverse creativity that graces our doors.

This Month's Speaker


Telling Stories through Art

April 15th at 7:00 PM



I have been interested in drawing since I was very young and could hold a pencil. My mother's cherished books are filled with odd figures I drew as a child. However, instead of pursuing art in college, I got married and started a family, which made me grow up quickly. I kept drawing, but mostly to entertain my children during long trips. I put aside the idea of a career in art and became a florist, which allowed me to pursue my passion for design and colors while supporting my family.

In the 1980s, I got the opportunity to work in the art department of a local company. I was thrilled to start drawing again, but unfortunately, the 1980s recession led the German-based company to close its foreign art departments and return them to Europe. I went back to running flower shops until I opened my own wedding and event company with a close friend. We successfully ran Ladd Hill Gardens as a premier floral company for 18 years before health issues forced us to close our doors.


I prefer to work in detail and have control over my work, which is why I use pen and ink, graphite, and colored pencils. However, I am currently struggling to expand into a looser format with pastels.

I enjoy working with the artists in the Lakes Region Art Association because they are always willing to share their knowledge. I am looking forward to growing as an artist with their help.

Lynn told me in a Facebook message that this talk "seems to have to do with the way I choose to draw, what I do [draw] and how I choose it. Most of what I am happy drawing tells stories." Join us at the April ArtTalk when Lynn will dial us in on the stories behind the art she creates.


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