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Welcome to the Artist Showcase. The artists listed below are active members who have provided information and samples of their wonderful work for display. Please feel free to browse and enjoy, however downloading or reproducing the images in any format is strickly prohibited!

For LRAA Members who would like to provide information, please download the guidelines form or contact


Pat Anderson

Medium: Oil


When she was a child, Pat grew to love art as she watched her mother create oil paintings of the beautiful West Virginia mountains. Pat won her first art award with a crayon drawing while still in the sixth grade. She worked in several different mediums while taking art classes over the years, but now works in oil paint.

Her career as a registered nurse lead to becoming a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army and took her many places. Her search for peace and serenity has lead to her paintings of the diverse landscapes she saw in the U.S. and overseas.

Now retired and living in Laconia, New Hampshire, she is a member of the Lakes Region Art Association.

603.556.9956 •

James Belcher

Medium: Oil and pencil


My passion is to discover amazing New England scenes and share the beauty of this area with you. My paintings are oil on canvas. Each strong composition takes several weeks to complete. I use on-site sketches and photographs to develop each piece in my studio. New England offers wonderful natural beauty four seasons of the year. As a result, subject matter is unlimited and I offer commissions of your little piece of New England.

I have painted all my life and received studio art education at Suffolk University, Boston, and animation instruction while completing my Masters degree at Harvard University. Today, I work full time as an artist. In the past, while helping raise three grown children, I worked on developing training programs for several Fortune 500 companies.

I reside in Laconia NH with my lovely wife Linda. • 603-455-0874

Polly Berlin


Polly Berlin has a vision to express herself as a romantic painter of her surroundings and nature. She participates in  art shows in Florida and New Hampshire.

Her favorite medium is oil. She teaches acrylic and alcohol ink workshop in Florida and NH Her artwork is represented at Stirling Studios & Gallery, Dunedin Florida and Vynn Art Gallery, Meredith, New Hampshire

Her style is representative and vibrant using oil and other media.Polly’s Artwork is her dedication, she is active in the art community. She paints in her studios: Belmont, NH (May-Oct) or Stirling Studio #12, 730, Dunedin, FL (Oct-May)

As Polly Mamone, She exhibited, sold her artwork throughout New England. She also taught at the Institute of Art in Nashua, NH and conducted art classes for adults and children in her studio.

She received an Art degree from the University of New Hampshire and studied with prominent artists.

Polly is native of Sainte Agathe des Monts, PQ. French is her native language and her name was open a time: Paulette Chalifoux.

She is member of: Lakes Region Art Association, Laconia, NH, The Exhibiting Society of Artists,  Professional Artists Visual Art, FL , Creative Artists Guild, Dunedin, FL.


Rhetta Colon

Medium: Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Graphite


Rhetta has been drawing and painting with watercolor for the past seven years following her retirement from teaching high school English. What began as an impulse to attend a library workshop in watercolor has become a passion. She is amazed at how her involvement in drawing and painting has changed what she sees and how she sees it. She keeps a sketchbook with her for that unplanned moment when something strikes that I want to capture – anything alive or even dead in my garden, the lakes and mountains in all kinds of weather, even people sleeping in airports. She is  also influenced by the supportive community of other artists.



Melissa Dillier

Medium: Paint


Melissa grew up visiting her grandparents in NH every summer and wishing she could stay year round. When the chance came to move here, she jumped at it, and loves every minute of the natural beauty around her. Although she drew constantly as a child, Melissa was not introduced to acrylics until 2016, but quickly moved on to oils. She finds inspiration in the natural landscape around her, particularly in the beauty of her new home in the Lakes Region. • 313-720-7169

Nancy Dirubbo

Medium: Paint


The creative process has always been an important part of my life. I grew up in a home where friends and family taught me all kinds of arts and crafts. Over the years, my projects got bigger and more complex and as an adult I started painting.

I came to painting later because I really didn’t think I could do it. I thought you had to have inborn talent. What I learned was that it is more about practice, instruction, desire and practice. I learned not to compare myself to others, but only to myself. Painting was my journey, not a competition. As my professional life winds down, I have the time to devote to painting.

Flowers, fruits, and vegetables have amazing variety, color and texture. I am drawn to still life in a world where life is anything but still

Cindy Durkee

Medium: Painter & Mixed Media


Painter and mixed media artist. Pratt Institute Alumni Professional Art pursuits have included: Career as a swimwear designer in New York City, a professional craftsperson for 13 years, a Retail Visual Merchandiser in both showroom design and Mall Grand Openings Theater Costuming. For Fun: Art is You attendee and Fan!  • 734-330-9687


Rob began his painting in grade school, he became more focused on this interest at Harriton High School, in Rosemont, PA. He returned to the area after graduating from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where he lived and learned and decided the "Big City" was not his style. After thirty-six years of teaching in "The Arts" and Photography, most of that time at Friends' Central School, in the Philadelphia area, Rob is now retired. He is able to devote more time and effort to his personal work, with brush and camera.

 He has a special feeling for the smaller things in the world of nature, that many of us take for granted. Much of his current work is of the landscapes, seascapes,and their small animals, butterflies, and birds found in the Northeast. That is why he and his wife, Susan, moved to Meredith, NH, where they had spent many of their summers. It is his hope that his images in watercolor and acrylic, as well as photography, will help develop a love and respect for the places and creatures we meet on our way through our days. It hurts Rob greatly to see the litter that some people drop on their path down the roads of life, with all this beauty before us. One day these places and creatures will only be seen in paintings and photographs, if we don't wake up! He paints and photographs and hopes.

(603)677-7722 •

Rob Emory

Medium: Watercolor, Acrylics & Photography

Christa Faller

Medium: Watercolors


My name is Christa J. Faller and I was born in Freiburg, Germany. I came over to the United States in 1950, where I then met and married my husband in 1957. We raised three children in Long Island, New York.

I have always had an interest in art. When my husband retired, we moved to Florida where a friend of ours convinced me to take some watercolor classes. After taking the classes, my art career began and I became a member of the Brevard Watercolor Society in Melbourne, Florida. Over the years, I have learned various techniques and have honed my skills.

My subject matters vary but the ones that interest me the most are flowers and still life composites. However being a creative soul, I will venture out and explore many different subjects.

Marian Federspiel

Medium: Digital Painter


Marian is a digital painter of landscapes and lakescapes in the Mountain and Lakes Regions of New Hampshire. She lives in the lake town of Meredith and teaches Digital Arts.

Digital painting is a relatively new medium. Marian uses Adobe Illustrator (a software program) to create images, using pixels as her “paint” and a mouse as her “brush.” The computer monitor is her “canvas.” The painting process is similar to traditional painting. A scene inspires an image in her mind and pencil sketches and photos are taken for reference. The scene is “hand drawn” with the mouse. The images are not manipulated photographs; they are drawn by the artist’s hand.

After the image is created it is printed with seven colors of ink on archival matte paper.
The result is a brilliantly colored serigraph-like print. •


Shirley FitzGerald

Medium: Oil, Watercolors


Shirley has lived in New Hampshire since 1973. She has studied with a number of local artist including Mr. Ray of Gilford, Laural Walters of Portsmouth and for the last few years W. Robert Paine of Kennebunkport, Maine. She has also taken several one to six week art courses. She taught beginner oil classes for several years . Recently, she has been teaching watercolors in Waterville Valley. Early in her career, she worked almost exclusively in oils. The last several years, she has enjoyed the freedom and spontaneity of watercolors.

 Having lived in New York, California, Virginia, Florida, Maryland and Rhode Island, she finds New Hampshire offers everything an artist could want. From the changing seasons, the ocean, the mountains to country roads, towns and villages around every corner there is inspiration. Recently the beauty of our short-lived summer flowers has given her pleasure and inspiration.


Jay Fitzpatrick

Medium: Photography


Jay’s first job after college was as a newspaper photographer and darkroom technician.  Two years later, he went into reporting and later editing, and pretty much gave up photography for 35 years.  Six years ago, he purchased his first digital camera and attended photography classes at the New Hampshire Art Institute.

His image of “Maple Street” won him the grand prize in Kearsarge Magazine’s 2013 annual photo contest and a portrait of his stepdaughter and granddaughter earned second place in the “people” division.  His goal is to create art with his camera and his digital processing skills.

He has a complete portable portrait studio and does all his own matting and framing in his East Andover, NH, shop.  He currently offers two photography classes, “Intro to Digital Photography,” and “Portable and Studio Lighting”

He sells his work through his website:, or on at

(603) 455-6595 •

Rebecca Frame

Medium: Watercolor


I’ve been painting in watercolor on and off since high school, and am deeply enjoying the gift of retirement, which has granted me the time and energy to get back to the brushes. I do landscapes and botanicals mostly. It’s a joy to do commission work for friends, to paint along with other LRAA members, and to delight in trying to capture the beauties of our wonderful part of the world. I’m pleased to have been chosen a few times as LRAA Artist of the Month, and to have received Honorable Mention at the 2014 LRAA Show. The Sanbornton painters’ group has given me encouragement and motivation. My work can be seen at Vynart in Meredith, and at the Woodsides. I have loved learning from Mary Lou John and Sylvia Brofos, who have helped me refresh and renew my craft. My inspiration is my mother, whose work graces the walls of my home, and whose example warms my heart.

603-744-6976 •



Christine Fogg

Medium: Arcylic, Watercolor


Christine Fogg is an amateur artist and a resident of Belmont, NH.  She grew up in the Midwest where she occasionally took adult education art classes in drawing, acrylics and watercolor along with her older sister.

After retiring and moving to New Hampshire, Christine renewed her interest in ink and watercolor painting with emphasis in Chinese Brush & Sumi painting on rice paper.   Both of these styles utilize paints, brushes and paper that differ considerably from the typical western watercolor instruments and supplies. She favors the traditional Chinese painting style over western style Chinese painting.

Paints used are typically Sumi ink, ink and color sticks that are ground with water and Chinese watercolor tube paints made with special glue that binds to Shuan (rice) paper.

In her work she uses Shuan paper--both raw and semi-sized--as well as the more fibrous mulberry paper.   Chinese painting also requires the use of special bamboo handled brushes made of animal hair that come in several sizes and three textures: soft, medium and hard.

While she has no formal training, but has taken a couple of Chinese brush painting classes including a five-day class with well-known Chinese watercolor artist and author, Lian Zhen.


DJ Geribo

Medium: Acrylics, Oil, Pastel


Authistpreneur (Author/Artist/Entrepreneur)

The author of three books: The House at the Top of the Trees (JFic Novel-2014), Eddie Easel and the Case of the Missing Green (written and illustrated by DJ Geribo, children’s-2015), and The Miracle Dog (non-fiction-2015), DJ is a prolific writer as well as a fine artist. Her passions for writing and painting have come together not only in her published books but also through two online websites: and that were created to help not only domestic animals through her donations but also wildlife around the world. Her passion for saving wildlife permeates through everything she does, particularly in her paintings.

Although DJ has taken a couple of art classes she is mostly self-taught, preferring to develop her own style. She did take a workshop in Montana with world-renowned Belgium wildlife artist Carl Brenders. Working in an impressionistic style, DJ paints mostly animals, nature, and still lifes in pastels, acrylics, oils (traditional and water-soluble), and watercolors. DJ occasionally offers private lessons in her studio and is also currently accepting animal portrait commissions. To see more of DJ’s artwork, go to her website. • 603-418-6814 •




Al Greene

Medium: Photography


Al Greene started photography in his teens all in black and white which he processed in his darkroom.

Al’s philosophy on his art: “I believe that a passion for the subject is an essential pre-requisite for a successful photograph. Communicating mood and emotion are my most important motivators for making images. I have never been overly concerned with technical perfection or producing an accurate record of a subject or location. For me the heart of photography is to capture and communicate what I am feeling, as much (if not more) than what I see at the time I release the shutter. If my photographs speak to the viewer on an emotional level then I have succeeded in his work.

My favorite subject to photograph is landscape, in particular the sea, old architecture, and rock formations. These all will have a mood to convey and as in life these moods can shift from day to day and season to season, as does our perspective of the world we live in.”

He is a member of: New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists,  Lakes Region Art Association, Photographic Society of America

Stephen Hall

Medium: Pen & Ink, Photography, Digital Art


Stephen started drawing at a young age. He studied Art and Mechanical Drawing in High School at Lyndon Institute in Lyndon, Vermont. He also took art and oil painting classes in the evenings. Stephen choose a technical career but continued drawing and took up wildlife photography as his hobbies. Stephen has been a member of the Ammonoosuc Region Arts Council and ARTS Gallery, Lisbon, NH since November of 2010. While there he sold his pen and Ink drawings, wildlife photographs, digital drawings, and note cards. • (603) 991-2137 •

Mahdy Harb

Medium: Photographer

Gerri Harvey

Medium: Acrylics


As a painter, I love natures's details; the way sunlight touches treetops, the textures of tree bark and rocks, the dappled reflections of land and sky on water. I see the natural world in luscious, colorful detail, and that is what I paint, inviting viewers to engage with my landscapes both visually and emotionally, heightening their appreciation for the natural world by experiencing it through my artwork.

My medium is acrylic paint, which is permanent, lightfast, and vibrant. It dries quickly, which allows me to layer the colors to achieve the depth, subtle nuances and highlights that make my paintings sing.

I have been painting for pleasure for over thirty years. Recently retired from a career as a Registered Nurse and I am now devoting more time to painting scenes from the Lakes Region of New Hampshire where I live.

In addition to my online gallery, my work is displayed at VynnArt Gallery in Meredith, NH.

              "The painter has the universe in his mind and hands."  Leonardo da Vinci  • 603-520-7509

Richard Heroux

Medium: Photography


My outlook for my photography is the beauty of nature we see all around us. All you do is just look around you and relax to see the world. Richards work is on displayed at VynnArt in Meredith, NH.

401-762-0828 •

Sally Hibberd

Medium: Oil, Watercolor


Sally started painting at a young age and did one semester at Dean Junior College in Franklin MA, and took lessons with a neighbor in Massachusetts. After taking some time off she began painting again, and hopes to continue to learn new techniques. Her work has been selected for LRAA Artist of the Month series.

Amber Anne Howie

Medium: Photography, Charcoal, Oil Painting


My favorite focus in art is developing a unique composition that sparks interest and originality for a home. I have been active in the arts for as long as I remember. Growing up in North Carolina has given me a diverse range of interests and mediums. Animals, scenery, architecture and abstract designs are my common go-to’s for an artistic creation.

I attended college at Plymouth State University and graduated with a bachelor’s in communication and a minor in fine art. During my time in college I enlisted in the Coast Guard reserves as a public affairs specialist where I was able to focus on photography and community relations. Since then I have been working as a marketing coordinator for small businesses in the lakes region and growing my art (Ambiarts).

I believe it is important to continually develop my artistic style. It’s fun being able to bring something to life and give it character or emotion whether it’s a photograph drawing or a painting. •


Debbie Kardaseski

Medium: Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil, Photography


I am a graphic designer by trade and a “Jill-of-all-trades” by design. I love creating, whether it’s pen-and-ink drawings, colored pencil or photography. I received my A.A.S. with a major in Graphic Arts from Lakes Region Community College in 1971. Since then I’ve taken numerous adult education art classes but had pretty much put my artwork on hold to make a living. Life has taught me that it’s time to make a life — and so I’ve taken up my pens and pencils once again. I like to focus on the minutiae and patterns in life and nature, and much of my artwork focuses on details. • 603.344.9812


Carole Halsey Keller

Medium: Oil

Bleu Waves Gallery, Meredith, NH • 561-401-1487

Marie Kelly

Medium: Acrylics, Oil


Marie Kelly has been an artist for as long as she can remember and enjoys working with acrylics and oils. She is mostly self taught but was grateful to have private lessons for about ten years with Local artist Raleigh Wilkerson who was assistant to Bob Montana, the Archie comics creator.

In addition to landscape and lake paintings, Marie loves to paint murals and does portraits as well. Marie does paintings on commission, including still lifes, landscapes and portraits If interested please contact her by email and send a clear photo of your subject. Her work can be seen in Meredith’s Vynnart Gallery.


Jini Lambert

Medium: Variety


Jini Lambert has always been interested in all forms of art.  As a child, she learned that she could reproduce a fairly accurate rendition of anything, from people to pets.

At the age of forty-one, she was forced to change her dominant hand and is now writing and drawing with her left hand.  It taught her that absolutely anything is possible and there is  always another way around any situation.

It was in Whitefield, NH where she grew up and there, that she taught herself pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, oil, oil pastels, and water soluble encaustics.  There is a wealth of subject matter available in all the of NH and lots more to take advantage of.

Gisela Langsten

Medium: Oil


Gisela Langsten, nicknamed Gila, has been an artist all her life and attended art school in Hamburg, Germany. She worked as a commercial artist in Chicago before coming to New Hampshire. When she picked up oil painting as a hobby she concentrated on landscapes, inspired by the natural beauty of New Hampshire.  Life drawing with the Artists’ Loft added enjoyment and enhanced visual skills.

She feels that by drawing and painting you learn to see, to recognize the objects surrounding you, to enjoy colors and the play of light.  In her paintings she tries to convey a moment of peace and beauty, try to catch the moods of lakes and mountains.  Much of her work is done "Plein Air", painted on location.

Gisela in charge of inviting artists for demonstrations at the monthly LRAA meetings.



Barbara McClintock

Medium: Watercolor


Barbara McClintock is retired and started painting about twenty years ago. She has studied drawing at the Cambridge Art Association in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has participated in watercolor workshops with Mary Bonn and Mary Lou John, and studied oil painting at the Imagine Gallery in Laconia.

She has studied in a number of workshops with local artists in the Lakes Region. Her work is shown in various libraries in the Lakes Region, at VynnArt Gallery and the Woodside Building at the Taylor Home in Laconia.

603/293/8630 •

Phyllis Meinke

Medium: Photography/Digital Art


Phyllis enjoys creating digital art using her own photographs, which she then digitally enhances, using a variety of software tools.  Other interests are macro photography, particularly flowers and plants and other interesting subjects she comes across.

In addition to membership in LRAA, she is president of Lakes Region Camera Club.

Contact info below:  • 603-340-2359 •


Elaine Morrison

Medium: Various


Elaine is a local multi-media self-taught artist. Artwork reflects her deep conviction for social change promoting peace. Travels to Brazil, Haiti, Russia and Alaska studying indigenous populations have provided creative inspiration. Some works honor her Abenaki heritage.

 Elaine's art exhibit honoring all veterans, was on exhibit at the National Guard Armory in Concord 2012-2014. She volunteers in local schools using art to promote peace.

 Her works can be seen at the Lakes Region Art Association gallery at the Tanger Outlet, Tilton, NH.

603-527-1974 •

Lyn O'Callaghan

Medium: Painting


Lyn began to pursue her lifelong interest in art in 2010, following retirement from a long career in marketing and institutional advancement. She is currently studying with Christine Hodecker George. She is a member of the Artists Loft and LRAA. A graduate of the University System of New Hampshire with a degree in fine Arts Administration/Business, she continues to offer graphic design services through her business, Lynvention Creative Services. • 603-744-9961


Judy Palfrey

Medium: Watercolor


Judy has made a lifetime career of creating. Her love for painting emerged in elementary school, when she won her first painting contest.  She studied art in High School and went on to Penn State University to study Creative Arts and Interior Design, graduating with a BS degree in Education. While living in New Jersey, she worked in oils, acrylics and watercolor, painting with Anthony Ventura for ten years.

Since moving to New Hampshire, Judy has studied with Joan Wirth, Mary Bohn, Sylvia Brofos, Kevin Dadoly and the late Loran Percy. Her art is distinctive, each painting showing her flair for originality and imagination. She enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects. Judy is also a decorative painter and muralist. In August 2002, the Peabody Home, Franklin, NH, commissioned her to do eleven large scenic murals. She completed this project in the spring 2003. The murals are available for viewing by appointment. She has exhibited her award winning work at art shows in New Jersey and is currently exhibiting works in NH.She is currently painting mostly in watercolor, yet still enjoys oils. Her peers in the MAA have recognized her several times during the past years as, “Artist of the Month”. She won first place in the painting division at the 2016 Gilmanton Old Home Day.

Judy is a member of the the Manchester Artists Association, NH. Judy is also a member of the MAA Gallery, Manchester, NH and the Women's Caucus on the Arts. •



Cate Poole

Medium: Watercolor


Cate studied Fine Art at Bradford College and worked in various paint mediums in the years after that. When she moved to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire she was inspired by the natural beauty and rekindled her interest in water color painting. She lives in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire year-round and is a member of the Governor Wentworth Arts Council.

An avid sailor, much of her work features water scenes of Lake Winnipesaukee. She also visits the beautiful island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin islands every year and is building a portfolio of images from that area. Favorite Quote: ”It’s not about learning to paint, it’s about learning to SEE.” Clif Travers (Artist and friend) • • 603-515-9908

Nancy Rand

Medium: Photography


Nancy Rand is a retired teacher, having taught special education for more than 35 years. She lives in Belmont but grew up in neighboring Tilton-Northfield. Nancy became interested in photography more than 45 years ago.  She was member of her high school year book and has always had a camera in her hand.  Her main photographic interests are nature, wildlife, flowers, foliage and landscapes, along with pets, architecture, and weddings.  Nancy’s adventurous travels throughout New England, up and down the East Coast, the Mid-West and the United Kingdom have given her great photographic opportunities.

Nancy has attended photography workshops at the NH Institute of Art in Manchester and photography classes at the Lakes Region Community College in Laconia.  She processes her photographs digitally; prints them with an Epson specialty printer; and mats and frames her photographs herself. Nancy has sold her work at arts and crafts fairs in NH.


Joanne Reynolds

Medium: Watercolor


A native of Laconia, now living in Meredith, NH, Joanne had an interest in art since high school. She attended the Manchester Institute of Arts & Sciences. She enjoyed taking classes from local artists plus Eric Wiegardt & Jan Kilburn.

She is part of a creative family: Her brother is an art teacher, her husband is a master craftsman who refinishes old wooden boats, her son is also a craftsman, in basketry, and her daughter-in-law is a fellow artist as well. So you can say she's always in good creative company.

She is a member of the Lakes Region Art Association & The Artist Loft. She also gave watercolor classes at a local arts & crafts business.

Joanne sells her work at VynnArt Gallery in Meredith, NH. •




Acacia Rogers

Medium: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor

603-965-5551 • •

Ed Rushbrook

Medium: Pastels, charcoal and Graphite


I was introduced to art at an early age by an aunt who worked in oils. She encouraged my sister and me to take art classes at the local museum and I have maintained that interest throughout my life. For the most part I am self taught and have read many books of an instructional nature to help me improve my work. Now that I'm retired I have a lot more time to dedicate to my art work and find it very enjoyable.I work primarily in pastels, graphite, and charcoal.

I have received two first place awards and a second place award for my art work in LRAA art shows.

I have taught art classes at the Concord and Laconia Boys and Girls Clubs to help stimulate young interests in art in a way similar to the way that I became interested. I participate in life drawing sessions on a weekly basis to keep my drawing skills fresh.

I do primarily portraits of family members and friends and occasionally pastel portraits of pets of friends.

I have donated pastel pet portraits to a number of charity auction fund raisers and do occasional commission work . I have done portraits of dogs,cats and horses but particularly enjoy doing portraits of dogs. I get great pleasure seeing the delight of a recipient of my art work in their eyes when it captures the essence of the subject, whether it's a person or an animal.

603-393-8996 •

Nanci Sabino

Beverly Shanley

Medium: Oil, Pencil, Charcoal, Watercolor, Acrylics


After retiring to Florida in 1999, she became more serious about her art and began taking courses in watercolors and studied under Gail Wynn in Dunedin, Florida, for two years.

Now that Beverly and her husband are full time residents of Gilford, NH, she has found a new love in oil painting.

 Currently studying under Carol Keller, oil artist, at the VynnArt Gallery, Meredith, NH.


Kimberly J.B. Smith

Medium: Mixed Media, Sculpture


New Hampshire mixed media artist Kimberly Smith is known for her 2D & 3D compositions that include recycled & repurposed materials and paper pulp combined with paint and collage. Smith also creates altered books. Using discarded board books, Smith creates sculptural pieces and non-sculptural relief works. Themes include tributes to ancestors, family members, historical individuals and other themes such as cultural and literary topics. Smith takes commissions for altered books. Additionally, Smith is a sculptor whose pieces range from clay mixed media to recycled material constructions.

     Some of Smith’s works are simply explorations.  Others are inspired by cultural or literary inspirations or the work of the great Surrealist artists & writers.  A word, a passing event, or the juxtaposition of objects are all inspiration.

Life is inspiration and inspiration is everywhere. •


Beverly Sorgente


Art is something she has enjoyed since she was very young. As an adult, she decided to go back to school to study Fine Art at Plymouth State University, where she fell in love with oils.

 She enjoys the act of painting and seeing something come from nothing on the canvas. She likes to go back and forth between the realistic and abstract and sometimes use abstract paint in her realistic painting subjects. In both, she likes her paint, color, texture, layering of strokes and space created to be interesting now, and still have more in it to discover later. She likes to make paintings that evoke good feelings.



Anne Stevenson

Medium: Oil, Sculpture, Drawing, Watercolors


I started taking Art courses in San Francisco after retiring from Medicine. I studied drawing for 3 ½ years there with Bob Gerbracht, in an atelier-like setting. After moving back to New Hampshire, I studied watercolors with Larry Frates and took courses at Plymouth State University, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Sculpture lessons at Saint-Gaudens and lessons at the Art Sanctuary in Maine.

I just want to learn as much as I possibly can about all mediums and try to render the beauty I see around me in people, landscapes, and still lifes.

Marilee Sundius

Medium: Graphite & Colored Pencil, Acrylics


Drawing since childhood, I have enjoyed “escaping” into my work and with every finished piece (that I am happy with) I still look in amazement at the result. In this day of technology the computer has enabled us to do many things with a photograph. However, I still practice the “old fashion” way of drawing - with pencil and paper! My desire as an artist is to capture the life and personality of the subject I am drawing, not just to copy a photograph. Every subject has its own inner beauty.

Graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design/Illustration, I currently operate my own graphic design business - Sundius Design, but have always continued to draw, first with graphite pencil and then entered into the exploration of colored pencil.

I love to draw “detail” and a variety of images, but portraits have always been an exciting challenge! Whether human or animal they all offer their own uniqueness, and being able to capture that “recognizable image” is a great accomplishment. My dog portraits have been featured in "Cats & Dogs" an Ann Kullberg juried publication.

Living in New Hampshire with family, I am surrounded by natural beauty, which encourages my creative exploration. I continue to draw flowers, and a variety of commissioned portraits.

I am an active member of LRAA for many years and have recieved 1st Place in the Drawing category at the Annual Member's Show along with several peices being featured in the Artist of the Month program. • • 603-279-1255

Ruth (Carson) Webb

Medium: Acrylics

I was born in Laconia, New Hampshire. I spent my childhood years in California, although there were frequent cross-country trips to spend the summers in New Hampshire. My teen years were spent in Connecticut. After high school, I travelled in the south and southwest for five years, before returning to Connecticut, where I married my high school sweetheart.  In 2010, our daughters grown and on their own, my husband passed away.  Several months after, I learned that my job of 26 years, as a mainframe computer programmer, was being out-sourced. At that point, I took early retirement and moved up to New Hampshire. Retirement has allowed me to return to my artwork, ride my horse, and enjoy all the recreation in the New Hampshire Lakes Region and the White Mountains beyond.

Most of my artwork is acrylic on canvas. Many pieces are inspired by photos or memories of friends and critters. My sock prints, made using the white-line process, began as a joke for a friend. They ended up being a three-part series which was fun. I paint for enjoyment, and although it’s fulfilling to sell a painting, I have found the greatest pleasure in giving my artwork to someone for which it has special meaning.

Martha Swanson-Webber

Medium: Acrylics, Watercolor


A New Hampshire resident since 1980, Martha started painting when she was seven, graduated with a BFA degree from Miami University (Ohio) and as a vocation, has enjoyed painting all her life.

Martha joined the Lakes Region Art Association in 2007. In 2012-13, she served as co-president and on the Board of Directors.

Loving the outdoors, her subject matter is primarily landscapes. The artist works in both acrylics and watercolors, using color in an impressionistic manner.



Justin Wheeler

Medium: Photography


Justin Wheeler is a self taught photographer from Hill, NH specializing in unique and expressive landscape photography.  Justin's  limited edition nature photography prints combine scenic photography, vivid colors and artistic compositions to create new, captivating visions of the natural beauty of New Hampshire. •

Wendy Wilson

Medium: Acrylics, Watercolor


Wendy Wilson began painting in northern Maine under the instruction of Evelyn Powers during the 1980’s while pursuing her profession as a nurse midwife. In New Hampshire she studied with watercolorist Mary Lou John of Gilford and has been influenced by the creative spirit of Candis Dixon while working under her guidance in watercolor and bookmaking. Her most important mentor is Lakes Region Community College art professor Liz Wilson.

Wendy is a member of the Lakes Region Art Association and received first place in mixed media in the 2017 Annual Show. She does figure work in charcoal, ink and watercolor with the Artists’ Loft, and recently she has begun working with mixed media and oils. She is always looking for something new to experiment with creatively.

She spends most of her time in the out of doors and draws inspiration from nature, especially New Hampshire’s lakes, mountains and ocean. Recent travel to Nepal, Ireland and Peru has inspired her to create travel sketchbooks.

Wendy’s artwork can be found in private collections in the US and as far as Ireland and Spain. Her current work can be viewed at VynnArt Gallery in Meredith, NH.

Marlene Witham

Medium: Oil and Acrylic


Marlene was born in Springfield, VT and graduated high school there.  She attended Keen State College majoring in Art Education.  After graduating, she married and moved to Chatham, NY where she taught art for 3 years.  During that time she started graduate work at New Paltz State University in art education.  During the next 17 years she stayed home and raised 6 children.

During that time she worked as a needlepoint artist painting hand painted canvasses for the Zubris Needlepoint Co. in MA.  The family moved to Gilford, NH in ‘78 and Marlene taught art at the Woodland Heights Elementary School in ‘84.  She also worked at PSU as a student teacher supervisor and for the NH League of Craftsmen scheduling craft classes.  She resumed graduate classes in art at PSU.  She retired from teaching in 2000 after teaching 16 years and moved to Sanbornton.

She painted with Loran Percy for three years taking various watercolor classes as well as craft classes.  She has her own studio where she paints oils and weaves, she also enjoys decorating gourds and weaving baskets.

Marlene belongs to the NH Weavers Guild, Loon Weavers and the Lakes Region Art Association.  Marlene enjoys gardening, her 10 grandchildren, and  restoring their 1780’s house.


Conrad Young

Medium: Watercolor


A native of New Hampshire, Conrad received his art education at the prestigious Van Emburge School of Art in Plainfield, NJ. He later took advanced courses at New York University. This training led to the successful founding (and lifetime career) of the Young Advertising Agency.


He considers himself to be blessed to have grown up on farms throughout New Hampshire. Vivid memories bring him back to the years spent in the woods and hayfields with his father who made a living as a farmer, logger, blacksmith, and horse breeder. These memories also instilled a passion for the rural scenes portrayed in his watercolors with their unique lighting, composition, and colors. • 603.224.6361

Sharon Zimmermann

Medium: Photography, Mixed Media, Acrylics and Fiber Art


Sharon Zimmermann is a graduate of Arizona State University with a BFA in photography although her work is not limited to just photography. She also paints in acrylics, works in mixed media, creates fiber art and custom quilts, and does some metal working. She has a passion for creating in any form. She is also a member of the Belknap Mill Quilter’s Guild. Sharon lives in Penacook, NH and owns her own house painting business and also works as a machine quilter with her mother at Dreamland Machine Quilting. Her work is on permanent display in Concord, NH at Crossroads Family Medicine and at Sander’s Family Medicine. Her work can also be found on her artist page on Facebook: Zimmerlady Creations.


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